About Aegis Publishing House

Click on the picture to enter the Aegis Bookstore.
Click on the picture to enter the Aegis Bookstore.

Aegis Publishing House is a small publisher based in Blue Island, Illinois.

We specialize in genre fiction—i.e. Mystery, Horror, Science Fiction, Action, Humor and Myth titles that have compelling narratives that feature memorable main characters.

We regularly post original short stories, and humor essays on our website.

Our purpose on earth is to provide established and aspiring writers a market for their creative short story endeavors.

Aegis Publishing House humbly strives to be a “mini market” that pays a decent rate for a decent short story.  For genre fiction loving loons, we are a story haven.

With the demise of the pulp magazine we are the place for the mystery, horror and suspense writer to practice their craft and see their work  online—and possibly used in one of our short story anthologies.

If you have the audacity to write creative fiction, and to put your work before the internet public, then send us your short Magnum Opus. We are an upward stepping stone in your writing career. Place a story with us today, and who knows, you may become tomorrow’s novelist or screenplay writer.

Aegis Publishing House is owned and operated by an old newspaper journalist and novelist.

The publisher has a capable staff of one– himself—Ronald Ayers.  Mr. Ayers loves the work of reading, editing, publishing, and paying writers for short stories.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please read the short story, humor column, comic strips that we offer. Please purchase the novels you see promoted in our pages. Click on the picture above to enter the Aegis Publishing House Bookstore.

We also welcome your comments about the stories you read here.


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