Print On Demand (POD)

Aegis publishing House is providing Editorial Services and Print-On-Demand Services.

Books-5What is Print-On-Demand?

Print on demand (POD) is one methodology of self-publishing a book. Print on demand shares several similarities to older forms of self-publishing like permitting authors to keep artistic control of their books as well as retain all rights to their work. The Aegis POD methodology has some necessary variations that profit authors.

Our POD methodology allows you the writer the ultimate say in what your book looks like on the outside – the cover design – along with your book’s content.

Unlike self-publishing, Aegis POD does not compel you to order a print run of a number of thousand books at the value of many thousand greenbacks. With the Aegis POD methodology you also do not have to concern yourself with the continuing problem of order fulfillment. Order fulfillment is handled by the Aegis Publishing House Bookstore, the e-commerce network like and other online book retailers employed by Aegis.

With Aegis Publishing House, you get all of the Editorial and POD services you need to realize self-publishing success with our reasonable, one-time setup fee of $599 – no hidden prices and no annual maintenance fee.

The setup fee gets your book entered into our printing system, book printing, a standard book cover (Custom Design book covers incur an additional fee) an ISBN assigned to your book, a bar code, and a written proof book for your examination.

Our POD methodology is quicker than employing a business printer. Most business printing corporations manufacturing a number of thousand copies want many months or longer to deliver completed books to the author. We will print and ship most orders in -96 hours


There are 3 types of editing.


Proofreading means examining your text carefully to find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling.


A line edit addresses the creative content, writing style, and language use at the sentence and paragraph level.


The goal of a copy edit is to address flaws on a very technical level to make sure the writing that appears on the page is in accordance with industry standards. This is like an incredibly high-end proofread. Internal consistency means your plot, setting, and character traits don’t have discrepancies.

Here is an explanation of the services we offer.

Critique: $150.00

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An Aegis Editor reads your manuscript. You are given a written Editorial Report that enables you to correct your work if necessary. Any criticism given is constructive. Our purpose is to help you have the best manuscript possible. The editorial changes suggested are just that. Suggestions. The Editor’s suggestions are based on his literary opinions and expertise. You the author have absolute control over your content.

A written Editorial Report submitted to the writer along with the Aegis Contract and Agreement for Print-On-Demand Publishing for Aegis Publishing House. (You can see a copy of this contract by clicking on this link



Production: 450.00

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If writer decides to go forward with production, writer pays balance of $450 via PayPal . Writer returns edited manuscript to Aegis for printing of manuscript into book.


This is a“nuts and bolts” service. An Editor checks, and corrects your grammar spelling, punctuation and syntax.

Post Production Proofreader – After your text has been composed into book form, it needs to be thoroughly reviewed. No book’s design or layout are ever 100 percent perfect. You are sent a Galley Proof of your book. This is one copy of your book that looks exactly as it will look as a finished product. An Editor will be reviewing a copy of your Galley Proof to see if there are errors in the interior of the Galley Proof, or in the cover design.

If the writer approves the Galley Proof and the editor has made any and all corrections to the Galley Proof, Aegis will proceed with the printing of the book.

If you are interested in having your manuscript published by Aegis Publishing House, or if you have questions of concerns about On Demand Publishing (POD) please fill out the form below. An Aegis editor will contact you.