My First

by Marina Montenegro

Woman in showerShe left the door open.

I could see her pale figure, slipping out of her clothes.

Her waist was curvy, her ass rounder than the girls I had seen on the TV or on my computer. The water was already running and she stuck her hand into it absent-mindedly, her other hand turning on music from her iPhone. She placed her phone down on the sink, adjusting the water before testing it again, finally stepping in.  Steam was quickly filling the bathroom as the water splashed down her. There was one loud sigh, and she began to hum to the song that was on.

It was my first time, but I wasn’t stupid. The guys told me what to do, what to expect. I took my clothes off in the hallway, leaving them there, and stepped into the bathroom.  Her face turned towards the shower head, the water bouncing off her round cheeks. I never realized before but her nose was stubby. It didn’t matter, but still…

With my free hand I pushed open the shower door. “Bobby?” she asked, moving to rub her eyes. “Are you still here?” In response, I wrapped an arm around her waist, coming up behind her. She placed her hands over my arm, rocking her hips against me to the music playing. “You’re gonna be late for work,” she said.

She let me hold her, leaning closer to me, even. I got ready, positioning myself carefully. She already had put shampoo in her hair, and that was now running down her face. She was smiling and gosh, she had a pretty smile, the kind of smile that made me nervous. I almost left right then and there but I knew the guys would never let me live it down.

It was one quick thrust, but the effect was immediate. She took a gasp of air and her back straightened. They guys told me to expect blood, but I tried to ignore it anyway. I didn’t like blood. I pulled out slowly, her breaths deepened and her hands reaching out to hold the side of the shower. I tightened my grip, supporting all her weight as I thrust in again. I increased my pace, faster and deeper each time. Soon she was screaming out. The guys told me that too, they said the best girls will always be loud.

I didn’t last very long.

It was exhausting, honestly, especially with having to hold her up; she was a big woman. Her screaming stopped. Her moans were soft, her whimper gentle.

I pulled out and took a step back as her figure fell to the shower floor. I washed myself quickly, just rinsing off, and then I turned off the water. I stepped out of the shower and, looking back, I spit on her. She was still lying exactly where I dropped her.

I used my shirt like a glove to carry bleach over from under her sink and dump it down the shower drain, contaminating any evidence I might have left. Then I dressed, and left, leaving her bleeding body for her Bobby to find.

The bloody knife in my pocket would be getting a lot of action soon enough.


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Author: Marina Montenegro is a writer from New York City. On top of running a successful blog and working on a novel, Marina also works in the voice over industry. When not writing, Marina can be found on a quidditch pitch. Marina plays for the Horn Tailed Horcruxes quidditch team and competes with other teams that are a part of United States Quidditch.

Ms. Montenegro can be contacted at her various webpages:

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