Writer’s Guidelines

Legend3D, Inc.

Editor-3Fiction:  Ronald Ayers, editor. Seek original and well written, mystery, crime, and horror fiction.  Also seek romantic , and erotic short stories. Will purchase poetry with mystery or erotic theme. The stories we buy must fall into the above genres in some sense or another. We are interested in nearly every kind of mystery/horror: Stories of detection of the classic kind, zombies, monsters and other classic horror. We ask only that the story be about crime, horror, or the threat of crime or horror.  Romance stories should reflect strong romantic content. Erotic stories should be titillating without being vulgar. We sometimes accept ghost stories, but those should involve a crime. No sensationalism. Send complete manuscript. Length up to 3,000 words. Pays 1 cent per word. Maximum $30.00.  MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION IS FREE.

Click on the photo above to submit your manuscript.

Donation: $5.00 USD

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We are grateful to the supporters of Aegis Publishing House, those who make it possible to publish short story genre fiction.

Please donate $5 or donate $1, which ever you like.

Your donation goes to:

* Website fees
* Promoting our website and writers
* Growing a fund so we can offer professional payment to contributors.

Thank you!

Ronald Ayers
Editor, Aegis Publishing House



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